See the sea

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Hello everybody,

The last week was pretty awesome. We left from Osijek Tuesday night to Split. After 7 hours drive we finally arrived around 11am. There we met with other EVS volunteers and we shot some videos for our project. Not everybody wanted but it’s ok, we didn’t wanted to force anybody. We also met Nadja there, she had the mid-term training. We made some videos on the beach(hard work ahhh?) and then in the city. It always make me happy to see how the volunteers connect. It’s so nice to see the whole Europe together and having fun.

Ok, enough about working not let’s talk about the sea. It was amazing, such a blue clear water. Laying on the beach, under an umbrella of course because i don’t like the sun and I think the feeling is mutual, jumping in the water after half an hour of deciding because the water at first was cold:) That’s the life.

After Split we went to the island Pag.There was even more beautiful. We stayed in a nice apartment and the host was great. We drank some rakija together and we talked a lot. I have to say that I got a bit drunk. Saturday night we went in Novalja, where the party was. Not so many people as I expected but I think it was the weekend when all the clubs opened. There were a lot of Germans, Italians and French people.We also met with my teta Visnja , we went at her place to visit and we ate a very good apple pie. Thank you. Sadly we couldn’t join her for lunch on Sunday afternoon because Victor had to fix the car, because you don’t go 1600km with a Dacia without having problemsImageImage with it. Lucky that Benjamin, the host, that he helped him. Thanks again:)

Yesterday night we arrived in Osijek, today it was a storm,we are a bit sad but I hope everything will get back to normal soon.

See you later alligators :*



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Hey people,

I have no idea what to right about so I will try to remember what happened this week. I had a lot of work to do in the kindergarten actually, I painted tire trucks in pink, blue and green. Why we did it? To be nicer on the playground and we will also have some new playground objects. Tomorrow I think I have 4 more tire trucks to paint.

This weekend me and Victor were alone at home because the girls went to Split for the mid-term training. I have to say that it was very nice to have the house for ourselves and we enjoy a lot. Saturday night we had a little party, we had some friends over and we spent some nice quality time together.

Tuesday night we will leave in Split do make the video with the other volunteers that will be there. I hope will succeed to do something nice. Will spend 2 nights in Split and after that will go in Pag, on an island to have some fun. There is  a famous beach,it’s called the Croatian Ibiza so will see about that:)

That’s it for tonight, I am outside now and the mosquitoes are killing me.

See you.




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Hi everybody,

I am running out of titles for my blog. I don’t know how to name my posts anymore. Ok, so now let’s see what happened this week.

You can see the summer is here, at the kindergarten the kids are going to the sea or stay home so probably less and less kids will come.You’ll see tomorrow how it will be.  I am working on the kids files and folders to put everything in order,their drawings and everything they did during this year. I hope I’ll do a good job. 

We filmed some more for our project, I am so curious how it will look in the end…ohh but it’s so much to edit.

Today, I went with Victor somewhere in Baranja to celebrate Visnja’s daughter birthday. It was nice and relaxing and her family is really cool:) We ate,took a walk and pictures of course.

Also today Croatia is playing with Ireland at Euro 2012,till now Croatia is in the lead with 3-1 so I am guessing that if they will win people will go on the streets to celebrate. Too bad Romania is not playing, probably we would had been to only fans here.

Summer is here, like I said we have so many plans and so many places to visit, I don’t know where to start from and time is not on my side. Summer is always passing so fast, it feels like one month.

I am now in a very strange and bad mood so my writing has to suffer from it too so now I will leave you.


Peace and love.


Celebration time

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Hey all,

I told you last week that we are going to have the final celebration in the kindergarten. We had it. It was nice and fun even if some kids started to cry, I guess there were to many people and they got scared. But at the end everything was good and everyone was satisfied. I was nervous seeing this kids after almost one year and thinking that probably I  will never see them again(pictures doesn’t count). At the end of the celebration when we were all in our room, the tetas, the parents and the kids, the tetas thank me in front of everybody and they started to applaud me. So nice of them. Now when I think about it all the problems that we had and everything that was going on is nothing when comparing with all the appreciation and satisfaction I got from the kindergarten.

This month we will go to Split to continue with our personal project, to film some more volunteers:) I wonder how it will look in the end.


Today I was with Victor at the hospital(yeah, I know again) but he is ok, he has some problems with his throat and he has to take some more antibiotics. I hope he will be on his feet soon because I am not good at taking care of sick people:P


See you, next week,



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Hey guys,

Sun is finally here,at least today it was even if the whole week rained. I really hope the upcoming weeks it will be nice because I want to wear tops and flip-flops. It was a busy week at the kindergarten because we rehearsed for the celebration that will mark the end of the school year. We will have on Tuesday,I am so excited to see my kids in action. Today I am so tired because we partied 3 nights in a row and I think I am too old for this.Ok, too old for sure not but not used anymore, I have to practice more this summer, which I think it will be very interesting. We planned a few trips but more about this next week.

In June we will go in Split to shoot videos for our personal project, I hope it will be something nice.


Ok guys,see you next week.




Hungary and hospital

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Hey yo,

Apparently this evening I am in a good mood(which is strange because I hate Sundays) or maybe it’s just the Corona hehehe.

Ok, last week I went with Victor to his kindergarten for the celebration. It was so sad, I don’t want my EVS to finish it will be the hardest thing ever. I don’t want to leave the kids and the tetas and all my friends I have here.All in all it was very nice and emotional. The parents mentioned Victor that he was the star during this year and they gave him a t-shirt with a picture of all the kids.

We were supposed to go to Budapest this weekend and to Vienna but Victor got sick so instead we went Saturday to Pecs(in Hungary). It was really nice city but it seemed very short.In the night sadly we had to go with Nadja to the hospital,something with her kidneys. She took a lost of test but they didn’t find anything. She is ok now fortunately.  This week I think I have my celebration at the kindergarten too, it would be so much fun:)


Ok, that’s it for tonight.

See you guys

Back from Romania

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So I went in Romania with Victor for the Easter holidays. It was very good to be back home but very busy, a lot of stuff to do and it passed so fast. I have the feeling that I actually haven’t been home. We celebrated Easter with my grandma and our good friend. We had late dinner (because we eat after we come back from the church) drinked some wine, crakced some eggs, after that we went out. Wonderful evening. We spent time with Victor’s family(my parents are in Germany) and we enjoyed so much the family spirit.

After 2 weeks Nadja(our house mate from Sweden) came to visit us. She had such a funny and loooonggg trip to Bucharest but in the end she arrived. We went to the seaside for 1st of May in Vama Veche. She liked Romania and Bucharest a lot and she was surprised by how many expensive  cars we have . We couldn’t show her how we party sadly because when we went out in our last weekend home almost nobody was in the clubs. More stuff happened but I can’t remember now because I am very tired(and this entry is so baddd).


So, I’m leaving you now and I’ll post more next week and some pictures too.


See you