See the sea

Posted: June 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hello everybody,

The last week was pretty awesome. We left from Osijek Tuesday night to Split. After 7 hours drive we finally arrived around 11am. There we met with other EVS volunteers and we shot some videos for our project. Not everybody wanted but it’s ok, we didn’t wanted to force anybody. We also met Nadja there, she had the mid-term training. We made some videos on the beach(hard work ahhh?) and then in the city. It always make me happy to see how the volunteers connect. It’s so nice to see the whole Europe together and having fun.

Ok, enough about working not let’s talk about the sea. It was amazing, such a blue clear water. Laying on the beach, under an umbrella of course because i don’t like the sun and I think the feeling is mutual, jumping in the water after half an hour of deciding because the water at first was cold:) That’s the life.

After Split we went to the island Pag.There was even more beautiful. We stayed in a nice apartment and the host was great. We drank some rakija together and we talked a lot. I have to say that I got a bit drunk. Saturday night we went in Novalja, where the party was. Not so many people as I expected but I think it was the weekend when all the clubs opened. There were a lot of Germans, Italians and French people.We also met with my teta Visnja , we went at her place to visit and we ate a very good apple pie. Thank you. Sadly we couldn’t join her for lunch on Sunday afternoon because Victor had to fix the car, because you don’t go 1600km with a Dacia without having problemsImageImage with it. Lucky that Benjamin, the host, that he helped him. Thanks again:)

Yesterday night we arrived in Osijek, today it was a storm,we are a bit sad but I hope everything will get back to normal soon.

See you later alligators :*


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